be soft / be hard - 1. a material with very low quantities found naturally occurring in the human body, used in the process of correcting perceived imperfections (in antiperspirants) and as camouflage to the aging process (in makeup powders) 2. working in synergy with the skin, ‘inhuman’ qualities are reprocessed into compounds to become a skin compatible substitute for the alteration to effectively disguise a ‘human’ imperfection 3. the material is flawed, but smart, in the sense that it too has been retouched to be effectively used as a retoucher 4. fragile and tenuously cancelling out perceived weakness in all things combined, metal to flesh, with expensive packaging 5. the final touch is all fun and games until you see a picture of your eyebrows from 2009.

natalie dray

I can tell a lot about a person by what they see in me, 2017 (detail)
pewter (alloy: tin, bismuth, copper, silver), degraded steel, haft promoter, 1k auto body paint, 325 x 210 x 95 cm
Cold, moist, magnetic, changeful, romantic, receptive, sensitive, 2017 (detail)
pewter (alloy: tin, bismuth, copper, silver), degraded steel, haft promoter, 1k auto body paint, 105 x 190 x 26 cm
FIRE, 2018
pewter (alloy: tin, bismuth, copper, silver), degraded steel, haft promoter, 1k auto body paint, 355 x 220 x 95 cm

natalie dray

the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body, measured up to several feet and able to encompass others close by —)this is a love portal(— a window into subtle energy, and moments between the linking of breath sailing the soul

DSL, a more 3 dimensional pattern of connectivity, overlined and overdrawn, before the heat melts shades of pink and red, leaving a residue, brain dust heart dust, more fluid modes that could have major implications for hard-to-treat conditions like organ failure, or depression 

I’m kind of a freak myself —re-embodied through a glass surface fingers describe ice, but no matter what, I’m always open, sensitive, vulnerable, loving I can do a true pvt here 8 if I am cute 18 if like me 88 if love me 188 if full in love ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ being intoxicated on metallic fumes makes sea salt dark chocolate taste amazing

natalie dray
natalie dray

hey baby are you a software update? Because not now, 2019
Concrete, pewter (alloy:tin, bismut, copper, silver) haft promoter, 1k auto body paint 125 x 250 x 90 cm
I die, 2018 (detail)
pewter (alloy: tin, bismuth, copper, silver), aluminium, perspiration etch, haft promoter, 1k auto body paint, 188 x 345 x 52 cm
6 sheet, 2014
acrylic medium, polythene membrane, heavy duty polythene, aluminium, stainless steel, 180 x 120 cm

natalie dray
natalie dray

deeper your time within the gravity well
the slower it runs

high as you are
the faster you age

high irony of luxury penthouses
close the sky

New Gen Triphospher T8, 2015
4ft Triphosphor Fluorescents, tridonic Ballast, end caps, enamel coated Hookplate, single core cable, 3 way fused connector block, 3 core 1.5 mm flex, powder coated steel: + low mercury content, energy saving + almost constant lumen maintenance throughout life, 36W
Cool Neutral, 2015
5 bladed dynamic aluminium fan, multifit motor, 3 core 1mm flex, rugged plug top, powder coated steel: + extended life, 1300rpm, 10W / 50Hz
Infrared Fuchsia, 2015
Lamp holder, ruby jacketed lamp, ceramic connector, 1.5mm 3 core butyl flex, M20 cable gland, rugged plug top, powder coated steel, stainless steel: + universal burning position, 1500W
Face-Lift Contactum V1, 2015
2 gang double switched socket, aluminium, brass, steel, powder coat: + 2 pole and thermoset + 25 year guarantee, replaceable, 220-250V